What is Resoomay?

Resoomay is a service that helps technical candidates like Software Engineers, Front End Developers, Project Managers, Mobile Developers, UI/UX Engineers, Data Scientists, and similar find jobs with top New York companies.

Resoomay differs from candidate databases and professional social networking sites by presenting employers with a new assortment of pre-screened developers of varying levels and skill sets during each hiring session. Developer profiles are comprised of past and current jobs, education, skill sets, and portfolio/code samples. Resoomay screens all incoming profiles and chooses a selection of applicants to present to employers during one to two week hiring session. No two sessions have the same mixture of skills and developers.

Each session begins on a Tuesday at 9am and ends on a Friday at noon. During that time, employers review the featured developers and make offers to developers they’d like to meet. When an employer finds a developer’s profile they like, the employer sends the developer details on the hiring company, the role, and its compensation. Developers determine whether they’re interested or not interested in incoming offers. When a developer denotes they’re interested in an offer, he or she begins the employer’s interview process and both sides exchange contact information.

Offers are nonbinding and reflect the minimum amount that an employer will compensate a candidate, if hired. If an employer hires a developer found on Resoomay, we will send the developer a portion of our placement fee as a congratulatory bonus.

Our team looks for talented technical candidates like C++ Developers and DevOps Engineers, Data Scientists, and UX/UI Designers. We look for people who have worked at the best companies, have produced exceptional products, and have industry credibility. Our employers are some of the biggest names in the New York tech scene, with valuations ranging from millions to billions of dollars.