Welcome to Resoomay!

There are scores of openings for every great iOS or Ruby developer on the market. However job boards and staffing agencies focus searches on open positions and not demonstrable skills. Developers have the decision making power to accept the offers they want but the market’s not designed this way. At Resoomay, the candidate is the focal point.

So why would a developer join Resoomay? Our process is less cumbersome than applying for every Data Scientist role on Indeed and more direct than working with an agency. Employers who use Resoomay do so because it’s cheaper and faster than alternatives. Resoomay charges half the fee of staffing agencies and enables internal HR to skip the weeding and qualifying process associated with posting on job boards. Employers can jump immediately to reviewing developers at various skill sets ready to be interviewed.

Developers complete profiles that highlight skills, past jobs, education, code and site samples, and salary expectations. Employers discuss their funding status, office amenities, and culture. Every profile is thoroughly reviewed by Resoomay employees for completeness and quality.


Are you a technical candidate who is ready to change jobs? Create a profile on Resoomay and be seen by employers looking to hire immediately. Find a job through Resoomay and we will send you a congratulatory bonus check!


Are your job board posting submittals filling your inbox, but not translating into hires? Would you use an agency if they weren’t so expensive? Join Resoomay to review qualified developers possessing the most in demand skill sets.